A community of dedicated mentors and mentees who want to improve their coding skills

We enable our project teams to create, learn & grow while giving them a platform to present their achievements to Hamburg's developer community.
Diverse Community

We are building a diverse and supportive mentoring community in Hamburg

Everyone is welcome to join. Whether you’re a beginner or pro in software development: we encourage people from all backgrounds to participate and support us in our mission. We believe that diversity in tech is important: only if a diverse group of people builds software together, we can make sure all voices are heard and the final product caters to the needs of users with many different experiences and backgrounds.

“Tell me and I forget,
teach me and I remember,
involve me and I learn.”

- Xunzi
Hands-on Projects

Work on coding projects that you are passionate about

Improving your coding skills takes time and practice, similar to learning to play an instrument. Doing online tutorials can get you a long way, but we believe it’s much more fun to share the journey with others and get support along the way. This is why we focus on enabling our teams at devconnect to work on hands-on coding projects together.

Mentoring Teams

Everyone benefits from this approach

Mentees improve their coding skills and gain insights about best practices in software development, while mentors advance their ability to teach hands-on and also get a deeper understanding of the content they are covering. We believe it’s important for the teams to reflect on their progress, which is why we organize regular retrospectives where all team members are encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions for improvement.

How it works

When we form teams, we make sure they can work regularly on topics they care about - whether this is web development, app development or data science. Our teams are usually made up of 3 to 5 mentors and mentees, who are supported by a team coach and the organizers.


Mentors are experienced developers who collaborate with others within their project team. They are patient and have a “beginner’s mindset” which helps them bring their knowledge across while also considering their mentees’ points of view. They participate in regular coding sessions where they teach and support other team members.


Everyone with an interest in technology and coding can become a mentee - whether they’re just starting out or have been coding for a while. They are supported by their mentors during hands-on sessions to improve their coding skills. They are eager to learn new programming languages & frameworks and gain experience working on a project together with their team.

Team Coach

Team coaches enable the teams to get started and to reflect on their progress by holding regular “retrospectives”. Each coach is responsible for one project team and helps them collaborate effectively. The coaches also cooperate with the organizers to support the teams with whatever they need.


The organizers offer the teams the opportunity to share their projects with Hamburg’s developer community. To do this, they organize meetups, find sponsors and share devconnect’s story on social media. They work closely with team coaches and project teams to make sure their feedback is taken into account.


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